Onsighting involves actively engaging the mind and making conscious decisions about moves based on available input, experience, and a willingness to experiment. Yet, it can also happen in that famed flow-state, where the decisions are made based on an internal process happening so fluidly that the mind is quiet.


A ‘failed’ onsight. Photo: Sylvan Metz

Onsighting has brought me such joy and fun, but it has been a journey that’s taken some intentional work. I want to share my experience with you in the hope you can glean some useful information and have fun onsighting the next time you go outside.

First, I want to give you my personal perception of what onsighting is, how I pick routes, my mental game, and route reading. After, I propose some questions to help you find your own approach and give 7 climbing tips for successful onsighting.

For the full article in English, follow this link to the Climb Cleveland blog. To read the same article translated to Czech, go here!