Measure 102:

This is a constitutional amendment that removes the restriction requiring affordable housing built with some state funding to be government owned. It enables counties, cities, and towns to use bond revenue to be used in affordable housing development. This would permit non-government entities such as NGOs and developers to use bond money to build housing that meets affordable housing standards. This is a particularly relevant measure for cities such as Portland and Bend.

Lets bonds help to pay
if a city decides to
build low-cost housing.

Measure 103:

A ban on more than nine, sometimes broadly-defined, types of corporate taxes on corporations. There are already no taxes on groceries, this appears to ban just that. It would have unknown repercussions alongside decreasing some of the current funding for Medicaid.

Already, no sales
tax in our Oregon, nor plans.
A preemptive strike.

Through taxes our streets
are paved, Medicaid is paid.
Pure court fight fodder.

Measure 104:

A constitutional amendment that expands the requirement that any legislation that would increase revenue to the state must be approved by a super-majority. This measure was written in part by Shaun Jillions, a business lobbyist who represents the Oregon Association of Realtors. It changes the rules for law-making so that any bill or repeal of bill that increases state revenue (i.e., anything with a fee, such as hunting licenses and environmental agency fees; the repeal of a tax break; elimination of a tax loophole; a bill that includes a fee) needs to be passed by a super-majority. If passed, then legislators could pass a tax-break with a simple majority, but the repeal of such a rule would require a super-majority.

This one requires
a super-majority

when state funds come in.

Fees are a part of
modern life; drive, hunt,
breathe. We are the state.

Who should rule? The rich
or the many? Ties hands and
starves the state, starves us.

Measure 105:

Repeals law keeping state police agencies from spending money on immigration. Measure 105 repeals existing Oregon policy. Since 1987, ORS 181A.820 has separated state law enforcement budgets from immigration policy, preventing state and local law enforcement resources (time, budget) from being used to search for or apprehend people only in violation of federal immigration law, known as the anti-racial profiling bill. Measure 105 repeals this law.

Don’t ask her status
no person is illegal.
A yes vote repeals.

Measure 106:

Bans state funds from being used for anything related to abortion. This would include state health insurance and research funding. Disproportionally affecting low-income persons; persons with Medicaid and Medicare would be forced to pay for abortion-related health care services out of pocket.

full ban on public funding.

Gag rule for Oregon.

We women deserve
full healthcare. Yes, all of us.
Don’t limit my rights.