Climbing and Self Confidence Workshop

I first climbed in the Elbtal just a year and a half ago, dividing my days between the Czech and the German sides. During my time there, I saw some women and yet seldom saw them leading pitches up the sandstone towers. While climbing with Czech lady-crusher Terka, we talked in length about the invisible hurdles hindering women from climbing in the region. Our chats planted a seed in my mind.

I’ve been wanting to return ever since I left. Slowly, an idea started to form… to spend the friction season on the sandstone with a female climbing partner and invite as many women as possible to come climb. Alma and I climbed together in Squamish this summer and the wheels started to spin. A Chilean friend nicknamed us the Titanas one afternoon and the word stuck with me. Together, we started discussing a weekend event in October.

Between my first trip to the Elbetal and now, my life hit some turbulence. I am not always confident. On the sandstone, confidence is key – but only that true self-confidence that comes from within. From October 4th to 7th, I’d love to share with you the skills I’ve developed for reinforcing my self-confidence from within. I can imagine no better context for this aim than during the pursuit of the vertical on sandstone.

(If you want to come but aren’t available that weekend, let me know! I will be in the region from September 1st to October 7th)

Interested? Read below! Or – just register here.

Am I a good fit for the workshop?

Yes. Fill out the questionnaire before attending so we can best prepare for you.

I think you’ll get the most out of the weekend if you’re already able to lead on “normally protected sport climbing” and enjoy taking moderate lead falls on safe terrain. If you come and decide you just don’t want to lead, that’s fine too

Some English language knowledge will be very helpful, as much of the weekend will take place in English. However, between the two of us, we also speak German, French, and Spanish.

What’s a Titana?

The Titans are the children of the primordial Greek gods Uranus and Gaea, the product of the union of the stars and earth. Titana, a female Titan, is a Spanish-language play on the word (I think it sounds better than Titaness).

As humans, we exist in a world full of doors; some are open, some closed, and some locked. Anyone can peer through an open door, gather up the strength, and step through. A Titana opens closed doors. A Titana unlocks doors, opens them, and strides through.

We are all Titanas. All women have inner power. The aim of this workshop is not to open doors, but to practice lock picking together.

What can I do to prepare in advance?

The workshop will focus on climbing routes in redpoint style, leading from the ground up. This means you’ll be onsighting the sections between the bolts. Local endurance, the ability to climb a specific grade for around 45 min and being able to recover on the wall are crucial.

The routes tend to be long! Moreover, when we’re scared, we tend to overgrip. Oof! It makes the routes feel twice as long. My tendency was to hesitate before doing moves I felt unsure I could downclimb. Building up your endurance will help you focus on other aspects of the climbing.

Endurance, luckily, is one of the easiest and fastest capacities to build. Even one week of preparation will make a big difference.

The articles Training for Endurance by Steph Davis and Endurance Training for Climbers by Audrey Sniezek below have some helpful advice for improving your endurance.

My article Onsighting and the Art of Falling Up is in English as well as in Czech, Umění padat Nahoru! onsight translated by Standa Mitáč , at eMontana.

What do I need to bring to the workshop?

To be determined… check back in later for specifics.

Plan on bringing your regular climbing equipment (such as your harness and comfortable yet precise shoes).