Culturally conscious translations are an essential component of this transnational future. I believe that the perspective of the author and the context surrounding the audience are crucial. Professional, human translations are irreplaceable and provide authors access to a broader, global audience.

I began formally translating from German to English in 2015 while living in Berlin, Germany. Previously, I gained vital experience with interpreting and translation in Spanish, both as a bilingual researcher for Pacific Research and Evaluation and as a volunteer for migrant worker advocacy organizations. My knowledge of North American and German publication standards and cultural competence gained through in-person experience living in the US, Germany, and Turkey informs my translations. As an experienced editor, I bring attention to detail and a dedication to quality to every sentence.

A list of the translations and adaptations I’ve written can be found in my portfolio. Recent examples of my work include the translation of renowned linguist Peter Schoblinski’s 2019 chapter “Berlinisch: Variation and Transformation Processes of a City Language” in The Sociolinguistic Economy of Berlin: Cosmopolitan Perspectives on Language, Diversity, and Social Space, edited by Theresa Heyd, Ferdinand von Mengden, and Britta Schneider.

If you have a translation need, are interested in creating multilingual written content for a project, or have any questions, get in touch!