I translate German and Spanish to English while retaining the integrity and heart of the original text. I'm here to help you overcome language barriers and interact with the English language world effectively and efficiently.


Copy editing, line editing, and final draft proofreading are essential steps in the publishing process. I specialize in line editing texts written by non-native English speakers publishing articles in academic journals.


Through writing, the visual can be painted with words. I craft custom content suited to your needs. I specialize in website content, grants for creative projects, and adventure travel writing.

The future is multilingual


Dr. Paul Gellert, Dipl. -Psych.

Dr. Paul Gellert, Dipl. -Psych.

Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin

Ich arbeite seit einigen Jahren mit Tanager zusammen, von Projektberichten bis hin zu wissenschaftlichen Zeitschriftenmanuskripten und (erfolgreichen!) Förderanträgen. Sie war immer schnell und flexibel, was angesichts enger Deadlines und spontaner Aufgaben von entscheidender Bedeutung war. Sie glich die Übersetzungen mit aktueller wissenschaftlicher Literatur ab, um den Inhalt perfekt auf Leserschaft und die Bedeutung abzustimmen, anstatt nur Satz für Satz zu übersetzen. Ich freue mich, dass sie die Höhen und Tiefen meiner Karriere begleitete und dafür sorgte, dass zumindest die Grammatik und die sprachlichen Ausdrücke präzise waren. Ich freue mich auf neue Projekte mit ihr. Danke, Tanager!

Gina Guzy

Gina Guzy

Documentary Film Maker

Tanager has been a crucial tema member on several of my projects, helping me to write English-language descriptions of my films and grant applications. Thank you!

Dr. Helena Reimer Burgrova

Dr. Helena Reimer Burgrova

Tanager is an excellent editor and I am very happy to be working with her. Given her academic background and experience editing scholarly works written by non-native speakers, she was of great help editing and proofreading my PhD. The reviewers’ positive remarks testify to the quality of Tanager’s editing skills. Tanager also supported my book proposal and now we are entering the next phase together: preparing a book manuscript for Palgrave.

Tanager is proactive and doesn’t hesitate to question content inconsistencies. Her strength - which I very much appreciate - lies in turning the text accessible. Based on my own experience, I can wholeheartedly recommend Tanager especially to the to early scholars who want to get their work published.


Titanas in the Elbtal

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Watching the headlamps light up at the cliff at dusk fills me with a bubbling sensation. They line the main section of the wall, from Berlin to Un pont sur l’infini, and begin the descent. Read more…

Human Shaped House

You stargazer    up to your ankles in leaf litter moonwatcher    roots wrapped around stones polished, muddled. I am a star    my shards shine like soft scars desperate for dirt    drenched in Read more…

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