The future is multilingual. I provide comprehensive editing and translation services for businesses, academics, and individuals aiming to effectively reach English speaking audiences. I translate from German to English and Spanish to English.

My specializations include pharmaceuticals and medical research; social sciences (economics, linguistics, and political science); and technical documents and manuals.




German to English and Spanish to English translation and transcreation.

In my work as a translator, I transform German and Spanish language content into English while retaining the integrity and heart of the original text. I specialize in technical translations, academic writing, and medical research. My focus is on accuracy and adapting texts for US American audiences, academic publication, and digital presentation.



Copy editing, line editing, proofreading.

As a copy editor and proofreader, I specialize in grant applications and academic publications. I have a wealth of experience helping professional researchers from Germany adapt their texts to meet specific standards for publication in US markets. I offer line editing for clients in need of a more in-depth editing. My focus on writing style and the flow of texts sets me apart from my colleagues. When I work on a piece of writing, I edit more than the orthography. I believe that all writing can be fluid and pleasant to read, no matter the subject.

I offer special rates for MA students and PhD candidates writing their dissertations. I provide line editing of chapter drafts, constructive feedback, as well as final draft proofreading. If you’re looking for an ally to help you through your dissertation process, I’m here for you.



Transcriptions, data analysis, data organization, and management of sensitive information.

As an experienced bilingual research assistant, I offer a variety of services for researchers and project managers including transcriptions and data analysis. Past research projects include “Language Ideologies in Multilingual Belize” with Dr. Britta Schneider at the Freie Universität and an evaluation of the Fostering Hope social service program with Pacific Research and Evaluation.




Wissenschaftliche Zeitschriftenmanuskripte und förderanträge

Ich arbeite seit einigen Jahren mit Tanager zusammen, von Projektberichten bis hin zu wissenschaftlichen Zeitschriftenmanuskripten und (erfolgreichen!) Förderanträgen. Sie war immer schnell und flexibel, was angesichts enger Deadlines und spontaner Aufgaben von entscheidender Bedeutung war. Sie glich die Übersetzungen mit aktueller wissenschaftlicher Literatur ab, um den Inhalt perfekt auf Leserschaft und die Bedeutung abzustimmen, anstatt nur Satz für Satz zu übersetzen. Ich freue mich, dass sie die Höhen und Tiefen meiner Karriere begleitete und dafür sorgte, dass zumindest die Grammatik und die sprachlichen Ausdrücke präzise waren. Ich freue mich auf neue Projekte mit ihr. Danke, Tanager!

Dr. Paul Gellert, Dipl. -Psych.

Highly recommended!

I hired Tanager to edit my Master’s thesis, but she went beyond just editing and answered all my questions about the writing process itself as well. I definitely feel like she took the time to understand my topic and my writing style. I have used other editing services before and I feel like Tanager has a more personalized approach. She also has a very intelligent editing style herself; I am very happy with the outcome of my thesis! I highly recommend her, it was a pleasure to work with her. Thanks again Tanager!

Katerina Gordon

Grant funding for my documentary film

Tanager has the unique ability to transform my thoughts and images into words that are simply enjoyable to read! By working with her, I was able to secure full funding for my documentary film.
Thank you, Tanager, for being my Word Doctor!

Gina Guzy
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