Towards the Moon

His paddle dips into the top of the water, rises, and from its edge heavy droplets are set free. A silvery substance surfs on the surface, folding and bending on…

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Oregon 2018 Ballot Measures

Measure 102: This is a constitutional amendment that removes the restriction requiring affordable housing built with some state funding to be government owned. It enables counties, cities, and towns to…

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Dreaming at Noon

    Unfamiliar places spark excitement and wonder, but I’ve seen these layers of orange beneath a width of lavender sky, topped with blue fading lightly before. Not just once,…

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Squamish Spontaneity

Impulse has a gorgeous cousin; her name is Spontaneity. She’s a walking advertisement for a fiber optic cable company, fractured light like broken attention spans. Impulse drives us, pushes us,…

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